5 Things You Should Do Every Morning For a Great Day

5 Things You Should Do Every Morning For a Great Day

How you start your day can set you up for a great or -- not so great day. When begin your morning doing things that help you feel good, you'll be more likely to have an all around happier, more effective day! Consider adding one (or more) of these wellness tips into your morning routine. 

Here's to a beautiful day!

1). Hydrate

First things first, you need to drink water before anything else. After 8+ hours of not consuming any liquids, your body needs a hydration boost. So, instead of reaching for your cup of coffee, grab a glass of water first to prevent further dehydration. 

2). Optimize Your Coffee

If you love a sugary, creamy coffee in the morning -- we don't blame you! But, your coffee could be working against you and not for you. To get the most out of your cup of caffeine, make sure to avoid ingredients that could kill your energy like heavy cream or sugar. Choose unsweetened nut or oat beverages & stevia if you are looking to spruce up your morning cup and prevent digestion issues or a sugar crash. 

3). Practice Gratitude 

Establishing a morning routine that you look forward to will make it much easier to get out of bed in the morning. Start the day on a positive note by listing 3 to 5 things you are grateful for or looking forward to. This will uplift your spirits and help you stay positive throughout the day. 

4). Set Intentions For The Day 

Intentions can influence your mood and create the tone for whatever it is that you set out to do. For instance, setting an intention to speak kindly to yourself, will help you minimize hurtful self talk through out the day. This is a great mindfulness practice that will keep you in check through out the day. 

5). Eat a Hearty Breakfast 

Whipping up a nutritious breakfast is guaranteed to encourage a supercharged day! Try our savory Breakfast Bowl recipe. It’s packed with protein and can be easily altered to suit your personal preference. 

Have a Life-Changing Morning Hack?

Share your morning rituals that help you conquer your day! Leave a comment below. 

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