Eat Rice & Beans For Your Health & The Health of The Planet

Eat Rice & Beans For Your Health & The Health of The Planet

One of the healthiest meals that's least expensive is: rice and beans. It also just so happens that rice and beans is a meal that's good for the planet! Read on to see why rice and beans is an impressive dynamic duo.

Animal Products & Green House Gases 

A quarter of our greenhouse gas emissions come from food. More than half of those emissions come from animal agriculture. In fact, scientists say that livestock accounts for 14.5 – 18% of the world’s greenhouse gases. Of animal products, beef and lamb are to blame for half of those emissions. According to Peter Stevenson from Compassion in World Farming, “a reduction in meat consumption is essential if we are to meet climate targets.”

By reducing our consumption of animal products and eating more plant-based foods -- like rice and beans -- we can help combat climate change and protect the planet. The greenhouse gas emissions of a plate of beans and rice are a shocking 1/20 to that of a comparable plate of beef!

Plant-Based Complete Protein

When eaten together, rice and beans form a complete protein -- as much protein as four ounces of environmentally unfriendly beef. In addition, you'll benefit from the vitamins and minerals found in the grain and legume, as well as their high-fiber content!

Did we also mention how beans are tainted to be one of the ultimate longevity-enhancers? Well, it's true! Research has found that consuming one cup of beans per day can increase your life expectancy by up to a whopping four years! And given that the pairing of rice and beans has been a staple in traditional cuisine throughout the world for decades (particularly in blue zones), we believe it. 

What's more? The beans and rice will keep your fuller for longer thanks to the fiber and resistant starch and at 5% the cost of beef, you'll can put some money back into your pocket. It doesn't hurt that rice and beans tastes good too!

Help Yourself, Help The Planet 

So, the simple takeaway here is that if you want to be a great human bean, eat more rice and beans to:

  • nourish yourself
  • save some money
  • and help save the planet, one bite at a time!

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