Good Food When You Need It Most

Good Food When You Need It Most

We are living in unprecedented times. From navigating life in a pandemic to dealing with natural disasters and more, having food security through shelf-stable meals is essential to our safety and well-being. This is where dried foods like Chef Soraya Bowls can be of great help and why you should consider adding them to your emergency food supply.  

A Growing Necessity

Those who live in natural disaster-prone areas already know that stockpiling essentials like food and water is a must. But didn’t you notice how all of the canned goods, water, and toilet paper (of all things), flew off the grocery store shelves when our country started to go into lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak? People were preparing for the worst, and having food security in times of fear and uncertainty, is imperative, as we clearly portrayed through our hoarder-like pandemic grocery hauls. While nobody wants to live a life in lockdown, the Covid-19 pandemic doesn’t seem to be leaving anytime soon. Pair the worsening pandemic with inevitable natural disasters, especially hurricane season come fall, and we have a real problem. 

Always Prepared

Canned goods are great to have for emergency food because they last for years! The downside to cans is that they are heavy (if you need to evacuate and have ready-to-go food to bring with you) and can sometimes contain BPA. Canned goods are often laden with added sugars, sodium, and other preservatives that aren’t great for our health. While simply having food in times of an emergency is of utmost importance, having good-quality, shelf-stable food, we argue, is also of great importance. 

A Need For Comfort 

Us humans find comfort through food, especially when it tastes great and is nourishing for our bodies. This is why Chef Soraya Bowls are an excellent shelf-stable pantry staple, as we've made preparing for the worst as easy as possible. Each curated, long shelf-life, just add water, plant-based macro-meal is designed to give you peace of mind, and food security. The dried ingredients that we use will stay safe to eat for months on end and because the ingredients are dried, the nutrients are preserved! Lastly, Chef Soraya Bowls are extremely lightweight, making them easy to take with you if you have to pack up your bags and hit the road. 

A Final Word (or 52)

At the end of the day, we want you to stay fueled and stay safe. Look out for yourself and your loved ones, and ensure that you have emergency food and supplies ready to go. Because, as Chef Soraya says herself,  “Security is good food when you need it most.”

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