Tex Mex Bowl Recipe

Tex Mex Bowl Recipe

With our Chili Lime Chef Soraya bowl and a few added ingredients, you can try our spin on a Tex-Mex macro meal creation! All you need for this recipe is a ripe avocado, yellow bell pepper, pico de gallo, fresh cilantro, and don’t forget the hot sauce! You can also add your preferred source of protein on top to kick your Tex-Mex bowl up a notch. That could be tofu, cheese, free range eggs, or whatever suits your diet.


To begin, you’ll want to prep your Chef Soraya bowl. We recommend using the chili lime flavor for this recipe. With picante pinto beans, rice, hemp, quinoa, and a chili lime sauce, it’s the perfect blend of zesty spice and macro nutrients to be the base of this bowl. Simply add boiling water to the fill line, cover, and let it rehydrate. Don’t forget, you can easily follow the microwave instructions if you’re without hot water.

Now you’re ready to start prepping your ingredients. To begin, chop up your bell pepper. We like to use yellow, orange, or even red bell peppers. The difference in color between these peppers and a green bell pepper is simply different stages of ripeness. The Red pepper is the ripest stage of the pepper and contains the highest nutritional content and the sweetest flavor. A green bell pepper would be the least ripe, and the other pepper colors fall in between.

Next you’ll add the avocado. Avocado is one of our favorite additions to any macro bowl. It’s an incredibly nutritionally dense fruit. It’s loaded with potassium, healthy fats, and fiber! If you’ve ever wondered how to tell when an avocado is just right, we have the answer. An avocado should be dark in color when ripe and slightly soft. It shouldn’t be so soft that it gives in to gentle pressure, that’s when you’ll open it up to a brown slimy mess. You can also tell when an avocado is ripe by checking under the stem. If the stem comes away easily and you see green underneath, the avocado it ready. If you see brown, it’s a no-go.

There are many different types of pico de gallo you can add to your bowl, home-made or store bought. If you’d like to make your own, you can easily whip up your own fresh pico in mere minutes. All you need for a traditional pico de gallo is tomato, onion, cilantro, and fresh jalapeno if you like a little heat (we do). Be sure to finely dice all the ingredients before you mix them together. If you can make yours ahead of time, it’s best to let it rest for about 15 minutes before serving so all the ingredients can marinate together.  You can also ad a squeeze of lime and some salt according to your taste.

When your Chef Soraya bowl is ready, simply top off your bowl with all your prepped ingredients and you’re ready to eat! Garnish and cilantro and hot sauce according to your taste. That’s all it takes to make a satisfying and flavor packed plant-based meal to fuel you through your day!

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