Real, Plant-Based Meals

High protein, grab & go, hearty, macromeals. Just add water.

A New, Better, Plant-Based Option

Chef Soraya

Who We Are

Meet your new favorite meals

Chef Soraya (pronounced suh-rye-yuh) bowls are hand made in our hometown of Boulder, CO. Each bowl is packed full of beans, rice, hemp, quinoa, and spices sourced from around the world!

Chana Masala

Chickpeas, rice & coconut turmeric curry


Black Beans, coconut rice & a subtle hint of banana


Red Beans, Rice & a fiery New Orleans spice


Black beans, rice & fire roasted chili pepper

Chili Lime

Pinto beans, rice & a zesty chili lime spice

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Meet The Team

Favorite Bowl: Kathmandu Curry

Food-Hack: Nothing, it's perfect as is!

Soraya (Head Chef & Founder)

Favorite Bowl: Chana Masala

Food-Hack: Breakfast Bowl

Rodney (President)

Favorite Bowl: Chipotle

Food-Hack: Chipotle Burrito Bowl

Chris (Director of Sales & Marketing)

Favorite Bowl: Chili Lime

Food-Hack: Tex Mex Bowl

Nicole (Lead Graphic Designer)

Favorite Bowl: Cuban

Food-Hack: Cuban Buddha Bowl

Drew (Marketing Manager)

Favorite Bowl: Creole

Food-Hack: Creole Jambalaya

Tim (Chief Financial Officer)