14 At-Home Valentine's Day Date Ideas

14 At-Home Valentine's Day Date Ideas

While Valentine's Day restaurant dining might not be on the menu this year, you can still enjoy a wonderful date with your significant other! We have 14 at-home date ideas that will make your Valentine's Day anything but sub-par. Plus, don't feel FOMO about going out, as the best present that you can give your other half is quality time, anyways!

1). Fondue For Two 

There's just something so romantic about chocolate fondue, and it's even better when you don't need to leave your house to enjoy it! You can create a beautiful array of cookies and fruit for your fondue for two, or if you prefer savory, grab some veggies and bread to dip into some delectable melted cheese. 

2). At-Home Spa 

Have fun doing a little self-care pampering together! Some candles, massage oil and face masks will easily make an at-home spa night that may turn into a weekly ritual.

3). Make Your Own Pizzas 

Making your own pizza pie is a great way to make dinner together. From creating the dough from scratch to choosing fun toppings, you'll enjoy your homemade pizza even more, knowing that it was made with love! If you want to be extra cheesy, make your pizza heart shaped.

4). Indoor Picnic

Unless you live in a warm climate, February isn't usually a great month for picnicking. But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy a picnic inside! Prepare a lovely charcuterie board that's perfect to enjoy with some wine by the fire. Plus, you won't need to deal with any bugs or itchy/wet grass!

5). Game Night

Grab the deck of cards, or a two- player board game (like scrabble, chess, or checkers) and enjoy a fun-filled game night with your Valentine. A little competition with your partner always makes for a good time.

6). Order In

Tend to cook at home a lot? Surprise your significant other with takeout from your favorite restaurant! You can make it even more special by ordering a few different dishes from a few different restaurants to create a hodgepodge of fun flavors for you two to enjoy!

7). Dance Together 

Lookup how to do the Two-Step or The Foxtrot and learn a dance with your partner! You could even learn a trending Tik Tok dance if you're up for the challenge. You'll end the night a little lighter on your feet and full of laughter. 

8). Valentine's Day Breakfast 

How about breakfast in bed? Start the day off right by making your significant other breakfast in bed! This one's an oldie but a goodie. 

9). Practice Your Mixology Skills

Put on some music and take out your cocktail supplies! Channel your inner mixologist and have fun mixing up some cocktails for your partner. You can also take turns and make special drinks for one another.

10). Do a Craft Together 

There's all kinds of fun crafts out there for you and your Valentine to try. One idea that we love, is the paint and sip! It's a great, creative way to spend your evening together. Grab some blank canvases, paint, paint brushes and a bottle of vino and paint! Perhaps even paint each other!

11). Map Out a Future Vacation 

While most travel is still on pause, you can spend Valentine's planning out a future vacation for a later date! Print out maps and photos and plan a real or dream vacation.

12). Wine and Chocolate Tasting 

Wine and chocolate are amazing on their own but even better together. Base your tasting off an online chocolate and wine pairings guide or get creative and make your own!

13). Take a Class Together 

Masterclass has all kinds of online classes that you and your partner can take. Try a cooking class or dance lesson, as learning something new together is a great way to bond. 

14). Ask Each Other Questions

Open up a little more this Valentine's Day and connect on a more intimate level with your partner. Even if you've been together for years, we bet you'll be surprised to find that there's still something you didn't know about your partner. Use these 36 questions that psychologists have put together for couples. 

Spread The Love

No matter how you choose to spend your Valentine's Day, we hope that you spread the love to those around you and to yourself! It's a great time to treat yourself to a small gift, to write a letter to a loved one, or to make a donation to a charity. There are many ways to make this day lovely! 



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