7 Reasons Why You Should Be Meal Prepping

7 Reasons Why You Should Be Meal Prepping

Work smarter not harder. 

Working smarter and not harder involves better managing your time, knowing what needs to get done and when, and utilizing tools that will keep you on track. Because we know your days are already jam packed, it's time to make your week a lot easier when it comes to meal time. Spend less time worrying about what to make for lunch and dinner and consider these 7 reasons why you should start meal prepping:


1). Save Time 

Meal prepping gives you back the time that you would normally waste trying to figure out what to cook each night or debating whether your should order takeout. You'll have a nourishing meal ready to enjoy on your lunch break or when you get done with work. Plus, meal prepping means fewer dishes! It's a win-win. 

2). Save Money

Prepping your meals saves you money, as you can buy ingredients in bulk and freeze extra food for later. Most importantly, you'll be spending less money on eating out!

3). Manage Portion Size 

Restaurants give us more food than a suggested portion size. So, while it can be nice to get two meals out of one (if you get leftovers), many people will overeat, simply from the "need" to clean their plate or finish a suggested portion of food that they are given. It's very easy to overeat and overconsume calories on a daily basis. When you prepare your own food, you can control your portions and the ingredients that are going into your body. Nothing is hidden! This makes meal-prepping a great healthy habit to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. 

4). Decrease Stress Levels 

Deciding what to make for dinner can be stressful and overwhelming, especially for working parents who need to feed their family. Meal prepping for the week will help you avoid the added stress of the "mealtime hassle."

5). Get More Comfortable In The Kitchen

Meal prepping can actually help you feel more comfortable cooking in the kitchen. From trying new recipes and cooking hacks, you'll gain a few handy skills in the kitchen as you prepare meals for the week. 

6). Build a Better Relationship With Food

Meal prepping also help you learn about nutrition and the importance of eating real food. Instead of grabbing for highly processed junk food, you'll be using real ingredients that will fuel your body properly. Hopefully, this will help you see food as important energy and nutrients that you need and to learn to eat when hungry, instead of being rushed to make an unhealthy meal choice. 

7). Eliminate Food Waste 

Meal prepping teaches you to make a list and use all of its ingredients. Using everything you buy will help you avoid throwing away spoiled food! Yay for the planet!

Spice It Up With Chef Soraya 

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