7 Summer Wellness Hacks To Keep You Healthy & Refreshed

7 Summer Wellness Hacks To Keep You Healthy & Refreshed

Finally warm weather & sunny days are here! But . . . we have a feeling that this summer is going to be a real scorcher. We have some ways that you can  stay cool, refreshed and feeling your best all summer long. Follow these tips to beat the heat!

Increase Your H2O

This seems obvious but most of us don't drink enough water during the day. Simple H2O can help with many things from our energy levels, digestion, skin health and more. While individual water needs will vary, on average, it's best to aim for at least 2 liters of water per day (64oz). To help make it more exciting to drink water, try infusing your water with lemon or mint. You can also make fruit infused ice cubes to add some natural flavor to your water on a hot summer's day. Sip, sip away! 

Eat More Fruit & Veggies 


Warmer weather means a more bountiful harvest of produce! Head to your local farmer's market for some fresh fruits and vegetables to snack on during the day. Also, in-season fruits and veggies are cheaper, yield greater nutrients & taste better, meaning you'll get more bang for your buck all around!

Water-Rich Foods That Help You Stay Hydrated:

- Watermelon

- Strawberries 

- Cantaloupe 

- Cucumber 

- Celery 

- Bell Peppers 

- Tomatoes 

- Zucchini 

- Cauliflower 

Eat Spicy Food

There's a reason spicy food is so popular in places with hot climates. While it may seem counterintuitive, eating something hot is actually a great way to stay cool. For instance, capsaicin is the substance in peppers that makes spicy food spicy. When your brain interprets this spice as being hot, you start to sweat -- this sweat on your skin cools you down. This can all happen without raising your body temperature, which makes it a genius way to cool down when it's hot outside. Want a heat kick? Try our Chipotle Bowl!

Up The Electrolytes

During the heated months of summer, it's not only important to hydrate with enough water for your body, but it's also important to replenish your electrolytes. Electrolytes are minerals in the body that are responsible for regulating nerve and muscle function. They also play a key role in maintaining your body's fluid levels. 

Foods that replenish your electrolytes include:

- coconut water 

- bananas 

- avocados 

- pink Himalayan sea salt 

- avocado 

- beans! Enjoy a delicious Cuban Chef Soraya bowl for a macronutrient rich meal that also replenishes your electrolytes with beans, coconut & bananas! 

Create Your Own Cooling Mist 

Keep cool with a refreshing DIY face and body mist. Fill a spay bottle with water and some essential oils of your choice (we recommend citrus for summer), and keep this mixture cool in the fridge until use. This will feel amazing on your skin when the weather is hot and you need a quick cool down!

Seek The Shade

We love soaking in the rays but it's important not to over do-it. Basking in the sun can increase your risk for skin damage/ skin cancer and can leave you feeling depleted of energy. In extreme summer heat, our bodies work overtime to regulate and maintain a normal & consistent body temperature. All this energy use can lead to sluggishness and fatigue. When you can opt-for the shade to protect your skin & keep you cool so your energy levels can stay optimal all day long. 

 Choose Loose Fitting Clothing

Wear loose-fitting clothing, preferably of a light color. Cotton also helps you stay cooler than many synthetics. Choosing the right clothing can make or break your comfort level on a toasty day. Additionally, the right clothing can prevent skin irritation, as tight clothes can cause skin rashes when you get hot and sticky. 

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