8 Tips For a Smooth Transition Back To School

8 Tips For a Smooth Transition Back To School

The start of a new school year always brings about feelings of excitement and anxiousness. But this year, going back to school may feel a bit more daunting for some, after a year of adjusting to online learning. To help make it easier to get back into the swing of things, we have 8 tips for students to be more efficient with their time, get the most out of their studying, and to manage the stress of simply being a busy learner. 

1). Have Multiple Study Spots

Having a study spot at home is key but sometimes you simply need a new environment to work in. Coffee shops, libraries, parks or moving to another room in your home can give you a fresh change of scenery to get into "the zone" and retain information better!

2). Get Into a Routine 

Find the time of day that works best for you to study. Are you an early bird? Night owl? Do you get a burst of energy in the mid-afternoon? Tap into your natural energy cycle and find the hours that you feel most productive, then make it a habit to work during that time!

3). Make Mealtime Easier 

Being in school is a time-suck, especially if you're working simultaneously. Make mealtime more efficient by meal-prepping breakfast and dinner before the week begins. Choose easy, healthy foods for lunch like Chef Soraya! Just-add-water to these plant-based, protein-rich bowls. 

4). Create a Distraction-Free Zone

Try turning off your phone notifications, and halting any social media use during study sessions. Limit anything that might distract you from concentrating on your work at hand. Consider noise canceling headphones if you live in a noisy living community. 

5). Use a Timer To Optimize Time-Management Skills 

A timer can be a great way to keep you on track. Schedule increments of focused study blocks and short breaks to give your brain a moment to reset. Time management apps can also be a useful tool!

6). Prepare For Tomorrow, Today

Set your clothes out the night before, make breakfast, pack your bags, and create a smooth morning to get to class on time. It will make your mornings less painful and help you be more efficient with your time. 

7). Schedule Time For Yourself

It's important to take time for yourself to keep your mental health in check. Whether it be a bubble bath, a long walk, or a movie with popcorn, self-care is necessary. Make time for you in your schedule!

8). Don't Forget To Exercise 

Speaking of mental health, moving your body is a great stress reliver. It's also a secret study tool! Research shows that physical exercise releases proteins in the brain that can help improve your memory and increase your cognitive performance. Even if it's walking or stretching, try to move your body for your overall health and well-being everyday.

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