Can’t Stop Snacking? Chef Soraya Will Keep You Satiated For Hours

Can’t Stop Snacking? Chef Soraya Will Keep You Satiated For Hours

These days the cupboards seem to be calling our names a little louder than normal. Spending more time at home can be tricky for those of us who thrive with structure and routine out of the house. So, it seems only natural to find comfort in delicious salty and sweet snacks during these times of chaos and uncertainty. We get it.

While fun snacks are yummy and can provide a sense of temporary satisfaction, they don’t leave you feeling fully satisfied. This is why you need a meal that will truly satiate you for hours so that you don’t need to munch on chips all day long.

The Pleasure of Eating

As humans, we not only eat to nourish our bodies and gain energy, but we also eat for pleasure. Food is pleasurable. It pleases the senses through its textures, smells, and various tastes, which is why having an emotional response to food is natural! Food is not just fuel, it’s meant to satisfy on a physical and emotional level.

A Satiating Meal

So what makes for a satisfying meal? We truly believe that a satisfying meal is one that is composed of all three macronutrients and is a meal that tastes delicious. Chef Soraya plant-based macro bowls are satiety in a cup. Not only is each bowl loaded with flavor, but the beans and rice form a complete protein and create important dietary fiber that helps to keep you fuller for longer.

Also, studies have shown that women who ate a starch and protein combo in a meal, compared to those who ate just starch or protein, had much higher levels of leptin, the satiety hormone. These women also burned 30% more fat after their meal than the women who ate one form of macronutrient in their meal.

Resistant Starch

Starchy carbohydrate foods often get a bad wrap but resistant starch is a special type of starch that is found in food like rice and beans, cold potatoes, green bananas, and plantains. Resistant starch is harder for the body to digest. This fills you up without adding lots of extra calories. Resistant starch also feeds good bacteria in your gut, which can help to improve your immune system, boost your mood, and metabolize fat! Yep. We always knew rice and beans were simply perfect.

Move Over Snacks . . . Chef Soraya Is Taking Over

By no means are we condemning yummy snack foods because we are foodies over here at Chef Soraya! But snacks have their time and place and it's time for them to stay on the sidelines and let Chef Soraya bowls take over for a while. The next time you feel the cupboards calling your name, you can answer the call by grabbing a satiating Chef Soraya bowl, which will surely curb any temptations to hit the snack drawer.


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