Chef Soraya Stuffed Jack-o'-Lantern Peppers

Chef Soraya Stuffed Jack-o'-Lantern Peppers

Muahahaha . . . Halloween is just days away! To help you celebrate, we've made a ‘spook-tacular’ Halloween themed recipe for you. Enter . . . Jack-o'-Lantern Stuffed Peppers! These peppers are perfect to make before you take the kids trick-or-treating, or if you plan to stay in and watch scary movies!


  • 5 Orange Bell Peppers
  • 2-3 Chef Soraya Chipotle Bowls (or flavor of choice)
  • ¼ Cup Chopped Cilantro 
  • ¾ Cup Salsa 
  • 1 Cup Regular or Vegan Mexican Cheese 


1). Preheat the oven to 350 Degrees F.

2). Rehydrate the Chef Soraya Bowls with hot water & set aside. 

3). Cut off tops of all bell peppers & scrape out membranes and seeds. Then using the tip of a small serrated knife, cut a jack-o'-lantern face into the side of 4 of the peppers, leaving 1 pepper with just the top cut off. 

4). After Chef Soraya Bowls have completely rehydrated, pour contents into a bowls and stir in chopped cilantro & salsa. 

5). Put the bell peppers into a baking dish and evenly fill the four bell peppers with the rice and bean mixture. 

6). Top the bell peppers off with cheese and bake in the oven for 20 minutes or until the peppers have softened and the cheese has melted!

7). OPTIONAL STEP: While the peppers bake, make a veggie platter using your favorite vegetables! Make a vegetable dip bowl out of the 5th bell pepper by filling the inside with hummus, or a veggie dip of your choice!

‘Bone- appetit!’

Make It Your Own  

The best part about this recipe, is that Chef Soraya does most of the work for you! Of course, there are lots of ways to change up this recipe and make it your own depending on what you have on hand. For example, you can sauté onions and garlic and add them to the rice mixture. You could even dice up any unused pepper from the cleaning process and add that to the mix as well. Or, incorporate sautéed tofu for an added protein boost. Most importantly, Chef Soraya will help you make a fun, yummy dinner in a pinch!

A Healthy Trick Before The Treats

Let’s ‘creep’ it real, Halloween is just as much about the treats as it is the tricks. Why not start this sugar-filled holiday with something warm and nourishing to get the night started the right way? Then indulge in some treats, knowing that you’ve already filled yourself with some yummy phytonutrients (nutrients from plants!). Eat, Drink, and Be 'Scary' and be sure to send us a photo of your Jack-o'-Lantern Stuffed Peppers. Happy Halloween To All & To All a Good 'Fright!'


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