Chef Soraya's Simple One Pot Chili

Chef Soraya's Simple One Pot Chili

Chili is a cozy comfort meal and it’s perfect for this winter weather. What constitutes a chili is incredibly diverse and everyone seems to think they have the best recipe! With this recipe, learn how to make quite possibly the easiest chili you’ll ever make and be ready to win your next chili cook off. Chili can vary between types of meat, no meat, levels of heat, and even how it’s served. One thing they do have in common is the chili pepper! That leaves you with two options of Chef Soraya bowls to pair your chili with, Chipotle and New Mex Chili Lime! For our recipe we chose to use Chipotle for its smoky and bold flavor, but you can choose whichever bowl you prefer.



To begin, gather your ingredients. You’ll need at least an onion and a red pepper to start, but you can experiment with any additional veggies or peppers you have on hand. Throw in an extra jalapeno for more spice or add some corn if you’re feeling adventurous. Slice your onion and pepper, we like to julienne our veggies into thin slices. Now you’re ready to sauté. Throw your veggies in a pot with the cooking oil of your choice and turn the stove to medium heat. Continue stirring and cook until your onions are caramelized. You’ll know your onions are caramelized when they’re thoroughly browned. This is a reaction to the sugars breaking down within the onion and results in a sweeter flavor.

Now you’re ready to add some good old-fashioned canned tomatoes. We chose fire roasted diced tomatoes to enhance the fiery flavor of the chipotle bowl! Canned tomatoes are a classic chili short cut that adds some liquid and some tang. Alternatively, if you have your own fresh tomatoes on hand, try roasting them in the oven first at a high temperature for 25-30 minutes before adding them to the mix. Now you’re ready to finish it off with a Chef Soraya bowl! No need to rehydrate the bowl beforehand, you can open it up and toss it in as a dry ingredient. If necessary, add a little extra liquid, veggie broth or plain old water. Now give it a stir and turn it down to a simmer for a few extra minutes.

Before you know it, your chili is ready to serve! You can serve your chili in a variety of ways. Cincinnati chili is typically served on spaghetti, or you can just go for a big old bowl by itself. Sprinkle on some cheese and sour cream if that’s your thing or just go for some sliced avocado! Chili is great to have on hand for a meal prep or as a quick dish any day of the week. Serve it along side some corn bread or tortilla chips! The combinations are endless and it’s so quick and easy to make, you’ll definitely have to come back for more. Enjoy!

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