Move Over Netflix. These 5 Creative Ideas Will Save You From Your Boredom.

Move Over Netflix. These 5 Creative Ideas Will Save You From Your Boredom.

So you’ve binge-watched dozens of Netflix series, read some books, maybe even made a Tik Tok or two with the family but now, your boredom has hit an all-time high (or low- depending on how you view it). As we practice social distancing, many of us are spending more time at home, which means cabin fever is hitting hard. Instead of resorting to your go-to list of activities when boredom strikes, try some of these creative ideas instead!

Tip #1: Make a vision board 

Vision boards are a great way to help you organize your hopes, dreams, goals, & aspirations in a visually pleasing way. In fact, studies show that visualization is important, as it can improve motivation, coordination, concentration & reduce fear and anxiety. Essentially, making a vision board is just a form of collaging; a fun craft of putting together different pictures and words to lay out your ideal future. These boards not only hold you accountable for achieving your goals, but they can also help you feel hopeful and inspired during tough times (AKA this entire year). 

Tip #2: Make some DIY candles 

Candle-making is actually super simple! All you need is some soy wax, a fragrance oil, candlewick, a double-broiler, chopsticks, and mason jars. Simply search “how to make DIY candles” on Youtube and you’ll be a candle-making pro in no time. You can even mix dried flowers into the wax to make your candles to the next level. Candles are wonderful to have around the house and make for great gifts!

Tip #3: Clean out the pantry & create a new organizational system 

So, maybe this isn’t the most fun option for when you are bored but we bet it’s been on your to-do list for a while! The best way to tackle the pantry is to take everything out and start from square one. Do a little “Marie Konding” and get rid of items that you don’t "spark joy." Maybe create a map of the ideal organizational system that you would like to have for your pantry, then use the map as a reference for where each item will live as you begin to restock. Some great tunes, a label maker and some awesome storage containers can make this project more fun and more rewarding! 

Tip #4: Do a puzzle. 

Puzzles are stimulating and stress relieving at the same time! They also make for a wonderful group activity because let’s face it, puzzles can be a bit overwhelming when we try to tackle them alone (especially the beautiful but complex ones). Instead of turning on the T.V. after dinner, get the family to commit to building a puzzle together. This will be a great bonding experience. 

Tip #5: Write a letter to a friend or a loved one. 

Texts are a great way to keep in touch but they don’t compare to receiving a hand-written letter in the mail. Yes, sending a letter using snail mail is a bit old-school, but it genuinely shows someone how much you care. Use nice stationery, light a candle (maybe one you’ve made!), and spend time crafting a thoughtful letter to the person of your choosing. Don’t rush. Allow yourself to let the thoughts flow. Slap on a stamp and send off your kind words! Sometimes, we get so stuck in our own thoughts and our own lives that we struggle to think about how others are doing. So, get outside of yourself, and let someone know you are thinking of them during these strange & disconnected times.   

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