Health Food Trends That Will Be Booming In 2022

Health Food Trends That Will Be Booming In 2022

2020 was the year of sourdough, pickling and canning, and all things immunity. 2021 was, well, a blur. 2022, we predict, will be a year of conscious health and environmentally-sound food choices based on the trajectory of where things are headed. These are our predictions but let us know your predictions in the comments below!  


Reducetarianism is for those who aren't ready to go totally vegetarian or vegan, but still want to reduce their consumption of meat, dairy and eggs to help the planet (or even their health). Many reducetarians will also prioritize eating grass-fed meat and pasture-raised eggs when they do opt for animal products.

Buzz-less Beverages

 A sober curious mindset has been booming among Millennials & Gen Z-ers. A new lineup of mocktail drinks will grow in popularity to provide the taste and sophistication of cocktails without the buzz. Functional sparkling beverages like kombucha, or CBD infused sodas will also make their mark in 2022.  

Produce From Regenerative Agriculture Farming

Regenerative Agriculture is a farming method that relies on nature, not harsh chemicals or disruptive practices like tilling. When practiced, this farming style offers a multitude of benefits for our farms, our environments, and our food. It builds soil health, enhances ecosystem diversity, and captures carbon and nitrogen from the atmosphere, to name a few. As climate solutions are on the rise, so too will be this sustainable way of farming. 

Allergy-Friendly Seeds

Sunflower seed-based products like SunButter have grown in popularity thanks to an increased awareness of allergies to peanuts and other nuts. Many are reaching for allergy-friendly seeds like chia, hemp, and even watermelon seeds for a healthy snack fix. 


As more people are seeking out a plant-based lifestyle, the demand for meat replacements (that taste good) has grown. Long-standing vegetarians and vegans have this to say: Have you considered mushrooms? The hearty texture and absorbent quality of mushrooms imitate that meatiness we sometimes crave so much. There are many health benefits of eating mushrooms as well!

Easy At-Home Meal Options

Now that many Americans are working from home, consumers are looking for easy to make breakfast and lunch options. A recent report from Acosta found that 47% of adults ate breakfast and lunch at home every day since the pandemic began, compared to 37% for breakfast and 26% for lunch pre-COVID. Healthy instant meals will be increasingly sought after in the coming year.

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Gut-Boosting Foods

The research of the microbiome has exploded in the last few years, which is helping us better understand the complex intricacies between the organisms living on and in us. So, feeding the "good bugs" will become more of a priority in 2022. Get ready to see more probiotic and prebiotic foods and supplements on the shelves this year!


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