Health & Wellness Trends To Watch For In 2021

Health & Wellness Trends To Watch For In 2021

There's no doubt that 2020 has opened our eyes to the importance of health and wellness. The past year has made our society take a step back and redirect our focus to taking care of ourselves and each other. From the effects of 2020, we have some predictions for what health and wellness trends will be popular in 2021 - many of which we think will help to create a healthier, happier society.

1: A Push For Food Security 

Nutrition and metabolic health are becoming more and more important in the health and wellness community, however, millions of people in the U.S., particularly those who live in food desserts, lack access to nutritious food. As a result, the push for food security is growing. Individuals, companies, and the government have been and will continue to work towards finding solutions to close the nutrition-disparity gap. 

2: Focus On Mental Health

2020 has tested our mental health and has consequently helped to destigmatize mental health and make it a priority instead. Mental health is just as important as physical fitness or eating well, and in 2021, we predict that more mental health care practices will start to make there way into the daily routines of many. Meditation for the win!

3: Eating For The Planet 

Quarantine wasn't all bad . . . in fact, we watched our environment enjoy a much-needed break this year as air quality improved, biodiversity flourished, and natural soundscapes returned. As people start to understand the connection between our actions and the fight against climate change, we think 2021 will come with a big wave of environmentalism. We're already starting to see a huge rise in the number of plant-based eaters because people are making a conscious effort to decrease their intake of animal products (as animal-based foods tend to have a higher footprint than plant-based foods). Naturally we like this trend, as our Chef Soraya bowls are 100% plant-based macro meals! Whoop, whoop!

4: Immunity 

Science has also been revealing that immune health and metabolic health are heavily intertwined, particularly as shown with the COVID-19 pandemic.  Unfortunately, 88% of Americans are metabolically unhealthy, which is why we think that immune and metabolic health will be of top priority in 2021. 

5: Gardening/ Growing Micro Greens 

2020 has allowed many of us to explore the world of gardening, which is fantastic! This is why we think city and non-city folk alike are going to be growing more plants in 2021 -- especially micro greens! Micro greens are loaded with important micronutrients and are super easy to grow in your home (no matter how much space you have!). You can add these mighty greens to salads, sandwiches, stir-fry's, and even to Chef Soraya bowls for a macro and micro nutrient dense meal!

6: Drinking Less

Millennials and Generation Z are certainly more health conscious, which is one of the reasons why studies show they don't drink as much as older generations did at their age. Let's face it, drinking can affect sleep quality, metabolic health, cognitive function and more. While many individuals were drinking more this year, (especially during quarantine,) we think that people are going to either hop on the sober revolution bandwagon, or significantly cut their drinking consumption this year. 

7: Adaptogens 

Adaptogens have been around for a very long time in the world of holistic wellness and are commonplace in Chinese and Ayurvedic traditional medicine. They are healing plants that can help the body to resist stressors of all kinds. More and more people are looking to alternative plant medicine to heal the body naturally without pharmaceuticals. So, from special apoptogenic tinctures, to apoptogenic juices, shakes, and so on, we think adaptogens are going to keep showing up everywhere in the food and wellness space.

8: Sleep Health 

Sleep is strongly correlated to immune health, metabolic health, mental health, and our entire wellbeing. More and more research confirms this, which is why sleep supplements, sleep gadgets and so on, is trending and will continue to trend in 2021. There are many reasons why we aren't getting adequate sleep but we encourage you to read this blog, for some sleep hacks that will have you sleeping soundly in no time!

 What Do You Predict? 

These are our predictions for what will be booming in the world of health and wellness in 2021. Now, we want to know what you predict! Comment below or shoot us an email with your response. Wishing you all a healthy and happy New Year!

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