10 Last Minute Gift Ideas For Health Lovers

10 Last Minute Gift Ideas For Health Lovers

So you still haven't finished your holiday shopping, no biggie! We have some great ideas for last minute gifts that any health lover will totally love. Plus, you can find all of these gifts at local shops in your area. 

1) A Reusable Water Bottle

You can find a variety of high-quality metal and glass water bottles at your local health foods store. It's a practical gift that is also environmentally friendly too! You can choose your giftee's favorite color or pattern and find the perfect size that will fit for their lifestyle. Then, fill the inside of the water bottle with some fun stocking stuffers like a pair of cozy socks, their favorite chocolate and a hand written note. It's cute & creative!                                   

2) An Online Yoga Subscription

Help your favorite yogi get the most out of their at-home yoga practice with an online yoga subscription. Some subscriptions even offer a mix of yoga, Pilates and meditation classes. It's the perfect gift for your recipient to keep their body and mind healthy, while they wait for their favorite yoga studio to reopen.

3) A Chef Soraya Subscription 

Perfect for the busy health-nut who hardly gets a chance to eat! Make sure your loved one stays well-fed with a monthly subscription of just-add-hot water Chef Soraya bowls! Set up a  Variety 18-Pack subscription to let them try all of our delicious international flavors. With healthy ingredients like beans, rice, quinoa, hemp seeds and global spices, Chef Soraya Plant-based Macro Meals will surely be your health-loving friend or family member's favorite go-to healthy convenience meal - if they aren't already! Give the gift that keeps on giving.

4) A Natural Kitchen Cleaner Basket 

This gift is for the friend or family member who loves to keep a clean kitchen at all times. Meyers has a wonderful selection of clean dish soap, hand soap, dishwashing liquid, counter sprays, candles and more! The great part, is that you can find Meyers products in all kinds of grocery stores. Find a scent that you think your giftee would love and make a cute little cleaning basket with some eco-friendly sponges and a nice pair of cleaning gloves!

5) A Massage Or Facial

Gifting a self-care service is always a wonderful gift to give. Simply buy a gift certificate for the service you think they'd enjoy best and let your giftee choose when they want to schedule in some relaxing self-care. 

6) A Gift Certificate To Their Favorite Health Foods Store 

Speaking of gift certificates, why not grab a gift card from Whole Foods, Trader Joes or your giftee's favorite healthy food store? They will totally enjoy getting to save a few bucks while they shop for their favorite things.

7) A Book On One Of Their Favorite Health Topics 

Most health nuts love to learn all kinds of things about health and wellness. From nutrition, exercise, healthy lifestyle tips and more, we bet you can find a health book that is right up their alley. 

8) A Healthy Recipe Cookbook 

And while you're at the bookstore, maybe grab a healthy recipe cookbook for them to enjoy too! Not everyone loves to cook (or has the time) but there are plenty of cookbooks with quick and easy, creative healthy recipes.

9) Gift Them Their Go-To Supplements 

We bet the health lover/s in your life take a mixture of their favorite pills, powders, and elixirs every day that they SWEAR by. We also bet they spend some serious cash on these beloved supplements. Give them a small gift basket of their must have supplements, tinctures and teas. You can also make it a themed gift buying items that help with a specific condition such as sleep, stress, mood etc.

10) An At Home Spa Kit 

While you can give the gift of a nice spa service, not everyone feels comfortable going to the spa at this time. So -- bring the spa to them! Put together a box that has a body brush, a yummy smelling sugar scrub, face mask, some decadent body lotion or oil, fun bath bombs, moisturizing lip balm, some natural nail polish etc., to let your giftee have a fun spa night in!

There's Still Time!

We hope this blog gives you some gift-giving inspiration when you're stressing about getting your gifts under the tree, under the wire. Just remember, that no matter what gifts you give, it's only as good as the thought and intention behind giving it. Happy holidays!

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