Upcycling Your Chef Soraya Bowls

Upcycling Your Chef Soraya Bowls

How To Give Your Chef Soraya Bowl a Second Life

Here at Chef Soraya, we are passionate about protecting the Earth. In fact, it's one of the reasons we make plant-based meals, as plant-based foods yield a lower carbon footprint! While our bowls are not currently compostable, we will switch to more sustainable packaging when the technology exists. See our sustainable business practices here. In the meantime, we have some tips for how to upcycle your Chef Soraya bowl for your seedling starters!

Rehydrate. Refuel. Reuse. 

After you rehydrate your favorite Chef Soraya bowl and get some plant-powered energy into your system, give your bowl a rinse and save it for a seedling starter! 

Simple Steps For Making a Seedling Starter

Optional Step 1: Poke holes into the bottom of the Chef Soraya bowl to allow for water to drain. Then place the bowl onto a saucer or in a bin.

Step 1: Fill your Chef Soraya cup with some potting soil.

Step 2: Add the seeds of your choice -- planting to their proper depth. 

Step 3: Water!

Things To Keep In Mind: 

  • Use high quality potting soil or germination mix for your starters.
  • Check your seed packets for germination temps. Many seeds will need your soil to be a good bit warmer than room temp to get the signal to germinate.
  • Make sure your seedlings get watered regularly, but don’t over water and let them get soggy.

Show Us What You've Started 

Upcycling and growing your own food are great ways to reduce your carbon footprint and live with a greener thumb. If you plan to use our Chef Soraya hack to help start your garden this year, show us on social media! We'd love to see what you're growing! 








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