Chef Soraya Plant-Based Meals Now Available at Walmart

What is Chef Soraya?

Have you tried Chef Soraya meals? These popular plant-based, just add hot water, high protein meals are now available at select Walmart locations. Find our four most popular flavors today, located in the aisle above the rice.
Chef Soraya Plant Based Meals

Why choose Chef Soraya?

  • All recipes are 100% plant-based (vegan)
    • All recipes are gluten-free and protein strong with no added sugar
    • All recipes contain hemp and quinoa for added health benefits and protein
    • Globally inspired recipes include Cuban, Creole, Chipotle and Chili Lime


    Where do you Chef Soraya?

    More than just a snack, Chef Soraya is perfect for your dorm room, between soccer practices, or that real meal you need when you only have a 20 minute break at work. Just add water and wait 10 minutes, or prepare in a thermos in the morning and be ready for your meal anytime of the day.

    Why Chef Soraya is a new kind of grab-and-go?

    Mac & Cheese may be quick and easy, but is it a healthy choice? Instant ramen may be tasty, but take a look at those sodium levels. Chef Soraya has it all, just see the comparisons below.

    Chef Soraya - Nutritional Comparisons