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Here's what people are saying about Chef Soraya Eat a Bowl:

Black Beans & Rice Review  "Dear Chef Soraya, I hope this message finds you well. I would like to thank you very much for these delicious creations you made. I bought a six-pack variety to take with me to Haiti on a medical mission. I have been Vegan for 7 months and I was concerned about the food situation there. Every morning, people packed a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or canned tuna while I would boil my water, prepare these meals, pack it in a thermos and eat it for my lunch every day. Everyone was amazed at how I managed to prepare a home-cooked meal every day. I truly felt that I ate better and healthier than all of the medical team. I loved your meals so much that I would love to post a youtube video and show people, especially those who go to medical missions, (vegans or non-vegans) how easy it is to eat well while they are away.

I hope you will continue to make these delicious plant-based meals. I will definitely spread the word to everyone about how delicious they are. Thank you." - Rosario (ER Nurse)



Chef Soraya Eat a Bowl Grab & Go Meal Review 2

"Found these Eat A Bowl soups at Lucky's Market! Super flavorful and packed with vegan protein! I am trying the Kathmandu Curry Lentils & Rice!" - @theceliathlete (Instagram)

"So much better than a cup'a soup!" - @thebodydietetics (Instagram)

"This bowl was amazing by itself, but the avocado and lime juice took it to the next level! Thank you @chefsorayaeatabowl for making affordable quality meals that are quick and easy!!" - @suzyhappycakes (Instagram) 

"I found Chef Soraya at Safeway and bought all I could carry! I got so excited, I literally gasped." - Nicole (Instagram)



     "I adored each of these Chef Soraya Bowls, and don't think I can pick clear favorites. They were all so different, and nailed the flavor profile they promised. I had never seen this brand before, and taking a chance not only worked out well, but I am so excited to have a healthy, shelf-stable, and delicious product in my pantry that can come to my rescue when I don't have the time or energy to cook a meal from scratch." - Amanda (The Gluten & Dairy-Free Review Blog)