Chef Soraya Buddha Bowl

Chef Soraya Buddha Bowl

The best way to enjoy a plant based meal is with, you guessed it, more plants! Expanding your Chef Soraya Plant-Based Macro Meal into a buddha bowl is a quick and simple way to add some more nutrition and freshness to your meal. The best part is, you can easily do this with whatever you have in your refrigerator!



If you’re not familiar with buddha bowls, prepare to discover your new favorite food hack. Buddha bowls are essentially a big old bowl of food, and who doesn’t want that? Buddha bowls are normally grain or rice based and then topped with a variety of veggies and proteins to create an optimally healthy and sustaining meal.

To begin, make your Chef Soraya Bowl by adding boiling water to the fill line, stir, cover, and in ten minutes you’ll be all set! You can also cook it up in a microwave by filling the bowl to the fill line with water and zapping it for 90 seconds. Then stir the contents and let it stand for one minute. So easy!

For our buddha bowl, we chose the Chef Soraya Cuban Bowl because we can’t seem to get enough of that island flavor this season! We then added diced grape tomatoes, cilantro, avocado, and diced red onion. We topped the whole thing off with a little olive oil drizzle and it was ready to go. No need to add a dressings or extra spices, the Cuban Bowl is packed with flavor and enhances the natural delicious flavor of the veggies.

There are endless combinations of flavors and ingredients to experiment with when you turn your Chef Soraya Bowl into a buddha bowl. Try adding some pickled or fermented vegetables if that’s your thing. You could even add some sautéed leafy greens for some added fiber. If you’re looking for even more protein, you can add tofu, nuts and seeds, or any protein source that you prefer. Chef Soraya makes it easy for you to add a healthy meal to your busy routine without the prep or the stress! Try it out and thank us later.

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