Eat a Bowl Creole Arancini

Eat a Bowl Creole Arancini

Do you have an office potluck coming up? We have a recipe for you! They’re out version of arancini and the only ingredient is Chef Soraya Eat a Bowl. Arancini are a traditionally an Italian recipe made with balls of rice of risotto which is normally stuffed, rolled in breadcrumbs, and deep fried. That’s a perfectly good option as well! But if you’re looking for something quick, bite sized, and plant based, Chef Soraya Eat a Bowl is a great option. With a variety of flavors and combinations, you can make flavor-filled and fast arancini for your next holiday party.



To begin, it is easier to make these rice balls with cold or room temperature rice and beans rather than freshly made, hot rice and beans. If you plan a little bit in advance, you can make your eat a bowl earlier in the day and stick it in the fridge to cool off. You could even make it at night so that it’s ready to use in the morning. When you’re planning your portions and how many rice balls you need to make, remember that by using this method, we were able to make one dozen rice balls using only two servings of Eat a Bowl. We chose the Red Beans and Rice Creole Eat a Bowl flavor for our arancini but any of the Eat a Bowl Flavors will work just as well!

To begin, divide your rehydrated Eat a Bowl in half. Make sure the rice and beans are fully rehydrated. Excess liquid will hinder the ability of the balls to stay together. With half of the rice and beans, smash with a fork or potato masher. You could even use a food processor if you have one on hand. This will make a paste that will help hold everything together. Next, you’ll add the other half of the rice and beans. By saving half the beans from being pureed, it adds substance and texture to the balls. Mix the rice and beans with the rice and bean puree. Now form one inch balls with your hands. On a lined baking sheet, line up your finished arancini with a little space between them. Finally, you’ll bake the balls at 450 degrees or twelve to fifteen minutes. Keep an eye on them and pull them out when they’re beginning to brown. That’s all! Now you have an array of flavorful arancini with unique character and flavor to share with friends!

These rice balls can be served in a number of ways. The easiest way to enjoy them is to just serve them as a bite sized snack. Maybe include a little dipping sauce like ranch or chipotle dressing. You could even try them out in a lettuce wrap! You can easily add some other veggies and toppings and eat them like a falafel sandwich wrapped in lettuce. Since these are suspiciously meatball sized, they could easily substitute for your favorite meatless meatballs. Form the rice and bean mixture into patties before you bake them, and you’ll have homemade veggie burgers that are packed with plant-based protein!

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