Chef Soraya Bowl Simple Nachos

Chef Soraya Bowl Simple Nachos

Are you ready to discover your new favorite nachos? These nachos are simple, delicious, and they’re ready in minutes thanks to Chef Soraya. Whether you’re looking for nachos that can be made, start to finish, during half time or you’re looking for a new way to enjoy the exotic flavors of your favorite Chef Soraya Bowl, we’ve got you covered. It’s as simple as you might imagine. You can start with just a simple and delicious plant-based meal turned halftime snack or you can add a few extra ingredients to take it even farther. There is a whole new world of nacho flavors that are available to you now!



Start with a good layer of chips, these nachos can get a little stacked so make sure you’re going for the sturdiest chips you can find. Layer your chips in an ovenproof platter or baking dish. Next, you’ll want to cook up your Chef Soraya Bowl. Fill with boiling water to the fill line, let it reconstitute for 10 minutes, and you’re set. You can add ¾ a cup to 1 cup of tap water and throw it in the microwave on high for two minutes as well. Stir and wait seven minutes and you’ll be ready to go. Layer those chips with the Chef Soraya Bowl flavor of your choice. Next you can top it with whatever creative toppings you enjoy and lastly, add a generous amount dairy or non-dairy cheese. Now you’ll heat the entire plate in the oven at 350 degrees for a five to ten minutes until the cheese is melted and they’ll be ready to eat!

The best part of these Chef Soraya Bowl nacho creations is that they’re so easy to make you can experiment with flavor combinations again and again until you find your favorite. Check out our recommended flavor combinations with your Chef Soraya nachos and give it a try. We’d love to hear from you about your experiences and flavor combinations in the comments!

If you’re a fan of classic nachos, we recommend our Chipotle Bowl or our Chili Lime Bowl. Top it with guacamole, corn, your favorite salsa, Mexican blend cheese, and sour cream. Our Creole Bowl might not seem like typical nacho flavor but if you add diced green onion, yellow onion, jalapenos, and pepper jack cheese you’ll have a spicy and unique Cajun inspired plate of nachos. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, why not give the Kathmandu Curry Lentils a try? Add tamarind dressing, yogurt sauce, jack cheese, and top it off with fresh mint for the most exotic nacho flavor yet. And don’t forget about our Cuban Bowl. Mix and match with pepperoncini, avocado, swiss cheese, and mustard sauce to create your own Cuban inspired nachos at home! Shredded jackfruit would also be a welcome addition to any of the Chef Soraya flavors, adding texture and flavor to whatever combination you choose.

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