Dal Bhat (Lentils & Rice): The Traditional Dish of Nepal

Dal Bhat (Lentils & Rice): The Traditional Dish of Nepal

The Nepali Food of Locals In The Himalayas

Dal Bhat, literally meaning 'Lentil Soup' (Dal) 'Boiled Rice' (Bhat), is a popular meal among the Himalayas and is the unofficial national dish of Nepal. Momos, (heavenly steamed dumplings), have made their way to the top of the list, especially for the Nepalese youth. 

Balanced, cheap, and nutritious, Dal Bhat is a meal that has fueled Sherpas and trekkers in the Himalayas for decades. Odds are, if you're traveling to this region of Asia, you will eat this meal every single day. 

What Does Dal Bhat Taste Like?

With fluffy white rice, hearty lentils, and soul-warming spices, Dal Bhat tastes like a loving hug. It's easy to see how this comforting combination of flavors, texture, and heat, would be perfect on a cold day.

In Nepal, a Dal Bhat meal is often served on a thali, a metal serving platter, with a bowl of dal, a scoop of rice, a serving of vegetable curry and a pickle and the lentil soup is placed in a metal cup. While rice and lentil soup is the most basic variation of this meal, it's common for Dal Bhat to be served with a vegetable dish referred to as Tarkari. And fun fact -- meals are traditionally eaten with your fingers in Nepal!

A Nutritionally Balanced Plant Based Meal

Dal Bhat is always vegetarian, if not vegan (depends whether the recipe uses ghee or oil), and contains plenty of carbs, protein, fluid, vitamins, and minerals. Nepali Dal Bhat is the perfect combination of nutrients to fuel the body while trekking in the extreme conditions of the Himalayas and is one of the reasons we were inspired to add a Dal Bhat-esque recipe to our Chef Soraya Plant-based Macro Meal lineup!

Chef Soraya's Authentic Take On The Traditional Dal Bhat Recipe

All six of the Chef Soraya Plant-Based Macro Meals were inspired by global rice and bean combinations from around the world. We take these basic beans and rice combinations and add in quinoa and hemp seeds to make a macronutrient balanced meal in a cup!

Each bowl tells a unique story through a feast of flavors. The Kathmandu Curry Bowl is our authentic take on the Nepalese Dal Bhat. Chef Soraya Smith used the traditional Dal Bhat ingredients as the foundation for her recipe: lentils, rice, and an authentic spice blend of dried ginger, cumin, black pepper, parsley, cayenne pepper, nutmeg, fennel seed, dill weed, cinnamon, bay leaves & clove. As Dal Bhat is often served with vegetables, Soraya also added in the traditional vegetables of carrots, potatoes and peas, along with the superfoods quinoa and hemp seeds that each Macro Meal contain.  

And the best part about this Kathmandu Curry Bowl is that Chef Soraya does all of the work, so that you don't have to. Just add hot water to your Macro Meal and enjoy your satiating Nepali-inspired meal in minutes. 


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