Who We Are

Before we talk about who we are, let's talk about who we aren't: we are not sodium-packed ramen noodles, artificial mac & cheese, gas station snacks, or sugar-packed granola bars disguised as "healthy" options.  

We are real meals. Every Chef Soraya bowl is a plant-based meal for on-the-go, at your desk, or wherever hunger strikes. With hemp, quinoa, rice, beans, and lower sodium sauce recipes, it's a nutritious, hearty, convenient meal, ready in minutes. Just add hot water! 

Our Mission

We make healthy, nutritious plant-based meals while ensuring to focus on sustainability and the impacts we have on the environment

Meet The Team

Name: Soraya

Role: President, Head Chef & Founder

Favorite Bowl: Kathmandu Curry Bowl

Favorite Add-On or Food-Hack: Nothing, it's perfect as is!



Name: Tim

Role: Chief Financial Officer

Favorite Bowl: Creole Bowl

Favorite Add-On or Food-HackQuick & Easy Creole Jambalaya